Access 30,000+ lanes from the best shippers



We register good carriers in the best digital freight procurement platforms where big shippers provide lanes for carriers through their RFP (request for proposal) process

We work to win you contract lanes from reputable shippers that have a lot of loads

There are 3 basic types of contract freight pricing


  1. Annual bids (once per year)
  2. Quarterly bids (once per quarter)
  3. Mini bids (often monthly)

Contract rates are a type of fixed, long-term truckload pricing for consistent freight volumes.

“The Procurement Freight Platform has been instrumental in getting our drivers from Point A to Point B. Not only can we fill gaps on a spot basis, but we have the opportunity to bid on long term, contractual freight through Contract Marketplace, which we would not have had access to otherwise. Using Platform services, we have been able to keep our drivers moving and reduce our empty miles.”

Will Turpin – Business Development Manager, Veriha Trucking

Why shippers like contract rates

  • Easier budgeting & forecasting
  • More reliable capacity
  • Ability to build strategic carrier relationships
  • More accountability from providers (KPI tracking) 

Why carriers like contract rates

  • More predictable revenue 
  • Consistent, and more efficient, driver scheduling
  • Increased driver satisfaction


We are a team of Logistics Consultants who have previously worked in trucking brokerage and dispatch services. Our company assists carriers of all sizes with their fleet needs.
We will register your company in the best freight marketplaces who provide Contract Lanes on the market and additionally Spot Lanes as well as the opportunity to get loaded instantly. These freight marketplaces provide exclusive Spot and Contract lanes for different terms, from a couple of weeks up to 2-3 years. Your company could get long term contracts to move loads for years and to grow the fleet very fast.

These freight marketplaces grow consistently as the freight market is changing by freight market digitalization. Most big Shippers look for Carriers through a RFP (Request for Proposal) process and select the best Carriers by a lot of factors that determine their business needs in their logistics strategy.

Limitless USA Logistics LLC helps to join and manage all processes every day to get good Contract Lanes for your company. We have a target to find Contract Lanes and you have to focus to keep the fleet moving that loads. Your business will start to earn consistent income.

GET CONTRACT LANES OVER 50 000$, 100 000$ AND EVEN 1 000 000$ FOR 1 YEAR WORK


Many big shippers choose big fleet carriers and provide instantly a lot of Contract lanes to cover their big shipping needs for their business. Once you have over 5-10 trucks and more, one shipper could provide Contract Loads for all your fleet.
Do smart business and think about how to grow your business everyday! Stop the survival strategy on the DAT Spot Market and thousands of calls to brokers who lie everyday!

What are the benefits to have setups in procurement freight platform that almost of carriers
are not registered yet

  1. You will get contract lanes for long-term collaboration with brokers/ shippers. Once you get a contract lanes for months, your business will be safe to have constant loads by contract schedules. 
  2. You have daily new opportunities – new shippers will find your presence and propose you freight.  
  3. You have ready instant acceptance to get the desired loads after brokers/shippers confirm your bid. All responses come to your email. You will never lose opportunities. 
  4. You get on your email exact matches for your Contract Loads searches. Set now and get your best lanes.
  5. You will get paid through your freight marketplace account by the delivery status. You can manage everything by some clicks. 

Our pricing team will manage all your bids for getting contract lanes you are looking for

  • We manage all  accounts and nothing will be missed.
  • We find and update bids to win contract lanes.
  • We manage hundreds communications with brokers/shippers besides the bids through emails and calls.
  • We update consistently our carriers 


> 500

We brought contracted lanes for carriers

> 100

We helped over 100 middle and big Owner Operators

> 10 MLN $

We generated over 10 mln $ in Gross Revenue for all Owners

> 67%

Owners started to buy new trucks to get more Contract Lanes

Contracted lanes represent 80%
of the trucking market

Did you know that Contracted lanes represent 80% of the trucking market. If you move loads only on 20% Spot Market, you lose a lot of business opportunities.
For the really big shippers, it makes sense to commit to these contracted lanes even if the pricing moves down. By committing to these lanes, they know they’ll have capacity, they can budget and plan freight costs more accurately, and tie up the best carriers – basically it provides peace of mind, even if it costs them a few extra dollars vs. current market pricing.